I'm considering using Diagramly/mxGraph to create an editor for Statecharts, and I'm trying to determine if Diagramly/mxGraph would be suitable for this. Specifically, I'm wondering if the mxGraph editor allows you to drag a shape "inside" of another shape so that it creates a hierarchical relationship between those two shapes. I've seen from the mxGraph documentation that an mxCell is able to contain other mxCells, with parent-child links between them, so it would make sense that the editor could create hierarchical relationships between mxCells, but I have unfortunately not been able to get this to work with Diagramly. For example, if I try to drag a UML State shape inside of a UML Composite State, nothing happens that would indicate that a hierarchical connection is or could be created between these two shapes. The same is true for the UML Package shape, which should be able to contain other shapes. Is it possible to do this with Diagramly?

asked 25 Dec '12, 00:12

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In Diagramly, mxGraph.isValidRoot is overridden via the grapheditor example (see javascript/examples/grapheditor/www/js/Graph.js, lines 162 ff) that ships with mxgraph. This is used in Sidebar.createDragSource, and mxGraph.isValidDropTarget is used for DnD inside the graph.


answered 25 Dec '12, 04:30

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