I'm still based upon the examples of the evaluation version, and I wish I have a more detailed documentation. So there is a more detailed one?

Well, besides this doubt, during an experiment I'm trying to create a prototype where the user is able to add vertexees inside a pool's lane, but while calling a arrange function based on the organic layout, I noticed the the inserted vertexes are set with the default parent, and not becoming a child of the lane. But after I move the vertex from onbe lane to another, the parent is set as well, so the arrange works fine.

I'm trying to avoid fixing a glitch with vain code and understand if, is there some kind of listener where I can set the lane as being parent of the vertex where it is dropped by.

Fell free to demand any piece of javascript code.


asked 27 Nov '12, 14:45

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How are you adding the cell? If you are using an mxDragSource (or mxUtils.makeDraggable), then the drop target (swimlane) is the third argument in the dropHandler (or funct) arguments.


answered 29 Nov '12, 02:48

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Using funct, but the parent doesn't get automatically. I'm detecting the swimlane using cartesian analysis, thus removing it's old parent, set the new parent and inserting it into swimlane as a child.

Dear Godess, Using FireBug makes me feel so atechnic, but it's helping more than the documentation. =(

(29 Nov '12, 06:38) PhillipSpring

Does this mean the problem is solved? If you have a means of finding the swimlane at a given point just use the result as the parent.

(29 Nov '12, 07:42) Gaudenz
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