Is it possible to allow a user to create an edge between two cells by left clicking on the source cell's handle and then clicking on the target cell's handle. This should also appear like the current drag operation, where the edge is following the mouse pointer until another click happends.

asked 16 May '12, 07:50

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I think I figured it out by extenging the mxConnectionHandler class and overriding mousePressed and mouseReleased methods.

public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {
    if (this.isActive()) {
    } else {

public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) {


answered 16 May '12, 08:16

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How would you do this in javascript?

I'm trying to work out the same behavior you described, where, when you click a valid vertex (some may be invalid), a new edge is created with the chosen vertex as source, and keeps following the mouse until a valid destination vertex is clicked.

Eg, I have two "output" nodes and three "input" nodes. To start with, clicking an input node should do nothing. Clicking an output node creates a new edge. At this point, clicking an input node links the two nodes, but clicking anywhere else cancels the linking (removes the edge), and the user has to start over by clicking an output node.

Any pointers / hints appreciated!



answered 04 Nov '12, 23:43

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