Hi there.

How can i set the cell size for an own shape? Tried following:

1) added a stylesheet setting width and height values:

        <mxStylesheet as="stylesheet">
                <add as="screen">
        <add as="shape" value="rectangle"/>
        <add as="height" value="50"/>
        <add as="width" value="50"/>
        <add as="fillColor" value="#84CFEF"/>
        <add as="strokeColor" value="#84CFEF"/>
        <add as="labelBackgroundColor" value="none"/>

2) this seems to get overriden by:

<Array as="templates">
<add as="shape">
        <Shape label="" description="" href="">
            <mxCell vertex="1" style="ellipse">     
                <mxGeometry as="geometry" width="" height=""/>

Can s.o. help with an idea?

asked 19 Oct '12, 12:39

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The width and height can only be set via the geometry, not via the stylesheet. However, you can override mxGraphView.updateVertexLabelOffset (which is the first method called after the size is updated in validateBounds) as follows to implement this:

var updateVertexLabelOffset = graph.view.updateVertexLabelOffset;
graph.view.updateVertexLabelOffset = function(state)
  updateVertexLabelOffset.apply(this, arguments);

  if (state.style['width'] != null)
    state.width = this.scale * parseFloat(state.style['width']);

  if (state.style['height'] != null)
    state.height = this.scale * parseFloat(state.style['height']);

This can then be used as follows:

var parent = graph.getDefaultParent();
var v1 = graph.insertVertex(parent, null, 'Hello', 20, 20, 0, 0,

answered 27 Oct '12, 07:17

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edited 27 Oct '12, 07:25

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