how comes that in my project, folding swimlanes is only possible by clicking with both mouse buttons (left and right button) on the folding icon? Clicking with the left mouse button on the icon, does not do anything.

Is this desired behaviour?

Some information:

Creating swimlane with:

graph.insertVertex(swimlane0, null, userobj.toString(), 0, 0, 395, 60, "sl1");

Content of myStyles.xml:

<add as="sl1">
    <add as="shape" value="swimlane"/>
    <add as="startSize" value="40"/>
    <add as="horizontal" value="true"/>
    <add as="autosize" value="1"/>
    <add as="bendable" value="1"/>
    <add as="deletable" value="1"/>
    <add as="opacity" value="100"/>

Thanks in advance for any help!

(Additionally, where can I find the listener that listens to the mouse click on the fold icon?)

asked 02 Sep '12, 13:04

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See, line 1229.


answered 09 Sep '12, 19:16

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Thanks! But I have still no idea why folding works only with both mouse buttons. Do you have any idea or suggestions? (In SchemaEditor example folding with left mouse button works fine) Thanks in advance.

Just noticed that it also works pressing ALT while clicking with left mouse button.. But why not only with one left mouse button, although it works in the jgraphx examples...

(20 Oct '12, 21:54) fachexot

Found it. The creation of a new mxGraphHandler in my custom mxGraphComponent caused the folding to be only possible with both mouse buttons or by holding down ALT while clicking.

mxGraphHandler graphHandler = new mxGraphHandler(this);

Did not understand it yet, but I'm on it.. (Maybe the developers might give a hint)


answered 20 Oct '12, 22:21

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