We have a diagram that uses the mxHierarchicalLayout to position the elements on the diagram. One problem we're having is that if an element has two out-going edges that the source portion of the edge seems to anchor itself to the vertex at the same point so the two edges overlay/overlap each other until they split off to go to their target vertices. This results in a diagram that is hard to follow. When we played around with the mxCompactTreeLayout, it seemed to draw the edges using different anchor points on the vertex for each outgoing/incoming edge so the lines were distinct and much more readable. The problem with that is that the mxCompactTreeLayout expects a well formatted tree structure, which our diagrams may not be.\nIs there a way to have the mxHierarchicalLayout to not overlay/overlap the edges at all as they go into and out of the vertices (much in the same manner of the mxCompactTreeLayout)?

asked 18 Aug '11, 07:48

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The hierarchical layout does separate incoming and outgoing edges along the respective faces of vertices now. This went in last year (2012).


answered 08 Feb '13, 03:48

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I'm using mxConstants.STYLE_EDGE = mxEdgeStyle.SegmentConnector to overcome the same problem. This allows a user to drag the edges off that default terminal it snaps to. Hope this helps.


answered 21 Aug '12, 09:26

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In my case SegmentConnector is helpfull as its not overlapping on vertex. As before i was using toptobottom style, i was getting an connection line from vertex and the created edge. Thats missing now... Any Ideas...

Thanks in advance

(01 Feb '13, 03:56) hansie
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