Is it possible to add a tooltip to an action from mxGraphActions? Or do I need to reimplement all graph actions on my own, just to get tooltips to those actions?

In the GraphEditor / SchemaEditor examples, the bind() method gets those mxGraphActions working on a graphComponent with arguments name, action, icon, but there is no possibility to set a tooltip.

Please help, because implementing each action again to do something like

putValue(SHORT_DESCRIPTION, "Tooltip text");

is not very effective.

asked 21 Jul '12, 09:33

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We will change the bind action to adapt the SHORT_DESCRIPTION.


answered 30 Jul '12, 07:51

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The getters are public, you can use the above code on the existing instances.


answered 22 Jul '12, 12:48

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edited 22 Jul '12, 12:58

That's true, but the problem is, that the bind() function ignores properties (tooltips, icons etc) of created action (A1), because it creates a new abstract action (A2), that only gets the actionPerformed() implementation of A1, but not the properties like tooltips, icons etc...

(30 Jul '12, 07:43) fachexot
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