I'm using the JGraphx library and I have in my application a graph and a tree from which i like to add vertexes to the graph by dragging and dropping a treenode into the mxgraphcomponent.


The nodes in the graph are no mxCell. I added a drag and drop behavior to the tree and called setDropTarget with a specific implementation to retrieve information from my objects of the tree.


The problem now is that I cant move around the elements in the mxgraphComponent as it uses my drag and drop thing.


Is it, and if so, how to make the mxgraphComponent a droptarget without destroying the existing dnd bevahior ?


Thanks in advance

asked 08 Dec '11, 23:29

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I tried to use the DragGestureListener and DragSource as in the example.


but i always get \nException in thread "AWT-EventQueue-1" java.awt.dnd.InvalidDnDOperationException: Drag and drop in progress\n at sun.awt.dnd.SunDragSourceContextPeer.setDragDropInProgress(SunDragSourceContextPeer.java:298)


but I basically just copied the code from EditorPalette.


Is there a flag I forgot to set ?

(08 Dec '11, 23:52) mremersoncod

This normally happens when you call startDrag while Drag and drop is in progress.


answered 07 Jan '12, 22:29

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