I'm having a very hard time figuring out\nhow to connect vertices and show the edge\nlabels the way I need to show them.


alt text


I know that I can do this if I use child \nvertices (straight lines) as ports, but I've\nbeen trying to do it with a custom edge and\nconnection constraints on the vertices.


I can use geometry offset to get the label positioned\nwhere I want it, but if one of the vertices moves,\nthe label moves.


What can I do? I suppose I can recalculate the\noffset on a move event, but is there a better\nway?

asked 21 Dec '11, 07:36

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Do you mean you want the label to stay at the exact same absolute position? If not, can you show a picture of where the label would be after moving a terminal?


answered 23 Dec '11, 10:29

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Yes, I want the label to stay where it is, just to the right of the source terminal and above the edge, no matter which node is moved. The first segment of the edge is stationary (as it is in the entity relation style).

(03 Jan '12, 08:38) lwe

You can override mxGraphView.updateEdgeLabelOffset as follows:

mxGraphView.prototype.updateEdgeLabelOffset = function(state)\n{\n  var geometry = this.graph.getCellGeometry(state.cell);\n\n  if (geometry.relative)\n  {\n    var offset = this.getPoint(state, geometry);\n\n    if (offset != null)\n    {\n      state.absoluteOffset = offset;\n    }\n  }\n  else\n  {\n    state.absoluteOffset.x = this.scale * (this.translate.x + geometry.x);\n    state.absoluteOffset.y = this.scale * (this.translate.y + geometry.y);\n  }\n};\n

With this, you can use geometry.x and y to define the absolute position of the label as follows:

geometry.relative = false;\ngeometry.x = 100;\ngeometry.y = 100;\n

answered 05 Jan '12, 22:16

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edited 07 Jan '12, 01:09

Thanks, that helped me a lot. My label stays in the desired position when I move the destination around. I'm having trouble maintaining the position when I zoom in or out, but I think I can figure that out.

(06 Jan '12, 15:36) lwe

Fixed sample code for translate and zoom.

(07 Jan '12, 01:11) Gaudenz
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