Hi,\nI begin my work with JGraphX. I have some problem, I would like to create cell which don't containe access port. It is possible?


Thank you for answer. Martin

asked 18 Jul '11, 01:43

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It sounds like you want a cell/vertex that can accept a connection, but itself cannot create an outgoing connection. There is no property which provides this directly. You will have to override the isValidSource function of the connection handler:

graph.connectionHandler.isValidSource = function(me)\n{\n    if (/*your logic here (using 'me' as the cell)*/) {\n        return false;\n    }\n    return this.graph.isValidSource(graph.getModel().getCell(me.id));\n};\n

answered 15 Aug '11, 08:03

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The Validity demo has an example of constraining the number (and type) of in/outgoing edges. But thanks for letting me know about isValidSource!

(17 Aug '11, 12:41) eisbaw

Thank you for answer, but I want find method which care about cell validate when I have mouse press and I create edge. Is there any method which I can override? \nThank you for answer Martin.

(18 Aug '11, 01:02) marrt

Yes, you can create a cell with no child cell.


answered 19 Jul '11, 00:10

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But when I create cell without child. Cell has also access port. How can I create cell without access port?\nThank you for answer. Martin

(19 Jul '11, 04:01) marrt

Not sure what you mean by access port. BTW: You can disable connections by using mxCell.setConnectable(false).

(19 Jul '11, 04:13) Gaudenz

Access port is for me port in the middle every cell. What I know in every cell is possible to connect. I know that there is a method where isn't allowed to connection in cell "mxCell.setConnectable(false)". But when I want to create cell c1 and set c1.setConnectable(false) and then I want to create cell port1 as child c1 and set port1.setConnectable(true), I fount out that is possible to make connection for example cell c3 whith cell c1 or port1. And I don't know why? So I ask, "How create cell without access port?" Thank you for answer. Martin

(19 Jul '11, 09:22) marrt

I have overloaded isValidSource method but this is valid for source, is there any method for isValidTarget if we want to valid the target ?


(21 Sep '12, 16:00) cheyo

yes! there is.

 mxConnectionHandler.prototype.isValidTarget = function(cell)
(21 Sep '12, 16:08) cheyo
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