I have what I hope is a simple question. I've looked in the API and searched this forum but can't quite get my head wrapped around it.

What method is available in JGraphX to find one mxCell in a mxGraph based upon the id provided when the cell was created?

If a direct query is not possible, do I have to iterate over all cells associated with a parent and find the one that matches the id I provide?

In this case I'm providing the optional Id, not using the default generated by JGraphX. I'll always know the Id when querying the mxGraph data.

In this application the number of vertices and edges is quite large, 10,000's or more. I'm trying to avoid excessive computing wherever possible. Hence I don't want to iterate over a lot of child cells to locate the one cell I need, if I can avoid it.

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asked 03 Jul '11, 17:53

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George Shannon
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mxGraphModel.getCell(myid); where "my id" is the cell id, should work fine!


answered 17 Dec '12, 08:45

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Kalkidan Ferede
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Did you try graph.getModel().getCell(id)


answered 06 Jul '11, 10:07

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There is no method getCell(String id) in the graph model. I also need a function to access an node by its unique id.

(12 Jul '11, 08:26) thatstraight

There is that function in mxGraphModel class. But the graph only returns the interface mxIGraphModel, so that you have to downcast to the implementation class.

mxCell myCell = (mxCell) ((mxGraphModel)graph.getModel()).getCell(myId);

(12 Jul '11, 08:55) thatstraight

i assumed you were using javascript which getCell method is available. Seems like a bug that the getCell(id) method is not exposed in the java mxIGraphModel interface. Maybe there's another way in java to get a cell using its unique id.

(12 Jul '11, 09:14) mangledaxle
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