I'm just looking for documentation on the xml configuration that's used in the processeditor example. Any idea where one might look?


I'm just playing around with trying to add / remove bits from the toolbar and just trying to add a CSS class to the item I add and that seems to be rather involved.


The toolbar, as far as I can tell, is simply an HTML element and not SVG, so I'd just like to use a single larger png image in both the toolbar and graph and then in the toolbar, just use css to size the png to 16x16. I can't just use the mxToolbarItem for that size other graphics in the toolbar have a their width & height defined by the gif itself.


I'm using the iepngfix so that I don't have png transparency issues in the toolbar when viewing with IE.


Using a single png for both the toolbar & graph just saves a bit 'o work in creating images.





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The general encoding/decoding scheme is explained in mxObjectCodec. Special formats are explained in the respective codecs, eg. mxDefaultToolbarCodec for the toolbar. The format of the mxDefaultPopupMenu is explained in that class (not the codec) as it is used to configure the menu at runtime.


Setting CSS properties for toolbar items is not supported directly via the toolbar codec, however, you can set the ID for the element via the id-attribute and access the element via document.getElementById, eg.

<add as="Test" template="..." style="..." icon="url_of_icon" id="testItem"/>\n


var elt = document.getElementById('testItem');\nelt.className = 'myStyle';\n

answered 11 Jan '12, 22:55

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