I've created a chart with labels which depend on the value of a slider. What's the preferred method to update a label when a condition (the slider value) changes?


Currently I change the toString() value of the user object of my vertex and call graph.refresh() to show the new label values in the vertices, but the performance isn't good.


Is there a better solution?


Thanks for your answer!


edit: just tried


\n for( Object cell: cellList) {\n String text = getNewText( cell);\n mxCellState state = graph.getView().getState( cell);\n state.setLabel( text);\n }\n }\n graph.repaint();\n


which performs faster, but is still not performing good.

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Is performance any better if you just repaint what really needs to be repainted, by calling graph.repaint( state.getBoundingBox()); inside the loop instead of the call following the loop?

(11 Oct '11, 05:50) rknowles9

thanks, but calling only one graph.repaint() outside the loop is faster.

(11 Oct '11, 08:52) Lofi

Did you also try mxIGraphModel.setValue (between a begin-/endUpdate)?

(12 Oct '11, 23:25) Gaudenz

Now i did :-) Thank you very much, Gaudenz! I found a good solution by combination of setting the label in my user object (needed when things change later) and setting the state:


\ngraph.getModel().beginUpdate();\ntry {\n...loop begin...\nmyUserObject.setString("xxx");\nmxCellState state = graph.getView().getState( cell);\nstate.setLabel( "xxx");\n...loop end...\n} finally {\ngraph.getModel().endUpdate();\n}\ngraph.repaint();\n


using setValue within the try...finally would have also been fast, but it was a bit slower than my current solution. my main problem was that repaint() didn't work. it works now using the try...finally block




answered 13 Oct '11, 06:26

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