I want to add/delete Ports dynamically. the Background is, that i want to add a Port to a Vertice if there EdgeCount is 0(If the Vertice have no Edges i want to add a Port , then you can see ther eis a Node and i can connect to it.)


I tried it this way:


mViewer is a mxGraphComponent

private void DoPort(){\n    mxCell pCell = new mxCell();\n\n    //Need to set Position of the Port to the Center of the Cell\n    mxGeometry pGeo = new mxGeometry(0,0.5,PORT_DIAMETER,PORT_DIAMETER);\n    pGeo.setOffset(new mxPoint(-PORT_RADIUS,-PORT_RADIUS));\n    pGeo.setRelative(true);\n\n    mxCell port = new mxCell(null,pGeo,"shape=ellipse;perimeter=ellipsePerimeter");\n\n    for(Object i : mViewer.getGraph().getChildVertices(mViewer.getGraph().getDefaultParent())){\n        pCell = (mxCell) i;\n        mViewer.getGraph().getModel().beginUpdate();\n        try{\n            if(pCell.getEdgeCount()==0){\n                mViewer.getGraph().addCell(port,i);\n            }else{\n                Object[] removeCells = new Object[1];\n                removeCells[0] = port;\n                mViewer.getGraph().removeCells(removeCells);\n            }\n        }finally{\n            mViewer.getGraph().getModel().endUpdate();\n        }\n    }\n\n}\n

But it dont work. By the way i use Images as Backgrounds for my cells. I hope this isn't a Problem.


Maybe you know a Solution.

asked 31 May '11, 02:16

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