I'm currently evaluating mxGraphs. I am trying to style a shape, but I was unable to find complete documentation for the style strings. The only thing the manual has to say about this is this:

The concept of styles and stylesheets in conceptually similar to CSS stylesheets, though note that CSS are actually used in mxGraph, but only to affect global styles in the DOM of the HTML page. Open up the util.mxConstants.js file in your editor and search for the first match on “STYLE_”. If you scroll down you will see a large number of strings defined for all the various styles available with this prefix. Some of styles apply to vertices, some to edges and some to both. As you can see, these define visual attributes on the element they act upon.

To be honest, I think having to look this up in the source code is rather silly. Also, since I am currently using the evaluation version of mxGraph, I do not have access to the file mentioned above.

Is there something like a complete list of all supported styles somewhere in the documentation?

asked 20 Aug '14, 10:19

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So, I just found that mxConstants at least documents the available styles, however the constant values - which are required for configuring the editor through xml - are missing.

(20 Aug '14, 11:46) jannik_jochem


answered 21 Aug '14, 16:03

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Nice demo. An easily-accessible reference in the documentation would still be useful though.

(22 Aug '14, 08:52) jannik_jochem
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