I also have a problem while trying to remove cloned cells. I found a similar thread http://forum.jgraph.com/questions/2575/remove-cells-from-grapheditor but no solutions has been discussed. Basically the code I am using is:

//clone vertex
Object clone=((mxCell)vertex).clone();
//add to graph
getGraph().insertVertex(parent, id, clone.getValue(), ...)
//at some point afterwards I want to remove this cloned cell again
getGraph().removeCells(new Object[]{clone});

... but without any success. (on the other hand I was successfully removing non-cloned cells with the removeCells() function.)
Thank you for help !

asked 06 Dec '12, 14:41

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edited 06 Dec '12, 14:51

Actually I am confused. Seems like there is no problem removing a cloned cell in a different instance. so I have to look more close what is going on here... thanks anyway

(06 Dec '12, 15:05) marian

ok, my fault. I passed the wrong object to the remove function... sorry

(06 Dec '12, 15:45) marian

You're not adding the clone to the graph. The value of the cell is the user object associated with the cell. insertVertex returns the cell that was added, pass that into removeCells instead.


answered 06 Dec '12, 17:45

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