Is it possible to have a specific component (e.g. circle or rectangle) as the connection point for edges ?

I have ports on my actual vertex which are used as starting and endpoint of an connection. My question is now if and how I can add to the ports e.g. a little circle which is then used as starting and endpoint for the edge ?

alt text

asked 10 Oct '12, 08:03

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I don't understand the question.

(02 Nov '12, 10:44) David

I added a picture. The above shows how I do it currently. My vertex has ports and those are the connection points.

Is it possible to have similar to the second picture another geometrical figure added to the port and use this as connection point ? Hope its clearer

(03 Nov '12, 01:14) mremersoncod

I'm very interested in this issue too

(05 Dec '12, 07:20) Error_

This is possible. You can add any vertex as a child to any other vertex, then could disable connections to/from the parent so that only the children can connect. The child vertices can change their shape like any other vertex using the shape style.


answered 05 Dec '12, 07:24

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tnx a lot, but how can we add stencils with connection points? in .shape files we have <connections> tag, but i have no idea how to use it.

I tried to create my own vertex factory, with my own mxCells and it worked, but this it not what i want

How we can process dia shapes with connection points? In example it works fine

(11 Dec '12, 04:35) Error_
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