Hi everybody

I have to repositionate the vertex label to the top but without being outside the vertex like mxConstants.ALIGN_TOP do. So i tried to accomplish that with changing the label bounds and set the coordinate Y to 0 :

mxRectangle rec = graph.getView().getState(cell).getLabelBounds();

The problem is after this modification the label is in the first place (center). How can I do this, thanks for help.

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Use verticalAlign=top.

 * Defines the key for the verticalAlign style. Possible values are
 * <code>ALIGN_TOP</code>, <code>ALIGN_MIDDLE</code> and
 * <code>ALIGN_BOTTOM</code>. This value defines how the lines of the label
 * are vertically aligned. <code>ALIGN_TOP</code> means the topmost label
 * text line is aligned against the top of the label bounds,
 * <code>ALIGN_BOTTOM</code> means the bottom-most label text line is
 * aligned against the bottom of the label bounds and
 * <code>ALIGN_MIDDLE</code> means there is equal spacing between the
 * topmost text label line and the top of the label bounds and the
 * bottom-most text label line and the bottom of the label bounds. Note
 * this value doesn't affect the positioning of the overall label bounds
 * relative to the vertex, to move the label bounds vertically, use
public static String STYLE_VERTICAL_ALIGN = "verticalAlign";

Example Code:

package com.mxgraph.examples.swing;

import javax.swing.JFrame;

import com.mxgraph.swing.mxGraphComponent;
import com.mxgraph.view.mxGraph;

public class HelloWorld extends JFrame

    public HelloWorld()
        super("Hello, World!");

        mxGraph graph = new mxGraph();
        Object parent = graph.getDefaultParent();

            Object v1 = graph.insertVertex(parent, null, "Hello", 20, 20, 80,
                    30, "verticalAlign=top");
            Object v2 = graph.insertVertex(parent, null, "World!", 240, 150,
                    80, 30);
            graph.insertEdge(parent, null, "Edge", v1, v2);

        mxGraphComponent graphComponent = new mxGraphComponent(graph);

    public static void main(String[] args)
        HelloWorld frame = new HelloWorld();
        frame.setSize(400, 320);


alt text


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Thanks Lofi :)

(27 Oct '12, 06:38) rahma
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