When using the diagramming utility at www.diagram.ly; if you create lines then by default the line end will have an arrow. In my professional field a directionless line would be preferred (networking). Is there a large purpose in making the default have an arrow at line end?

Or perhaps can I request that it be changed to directionless?

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Flowcharts, BPM, UML etc have arrows/markers, networking, electronics, etc don't. It's a tough call to say which way to default when the app loads. What we will do at some point is have net.diagram.ly, which brings up the networking specific icons and sets more appropriate edge styling, etc.

You can change existing edges by selecting them, on the main menu go to format -> line start/end and select none to remove the markers (for all edges just ctrl-a everything and perform that format).

In terms of setting the default edge, there are two ways. In the general shapes a number of edges at towards the bottom. If you click the straight line with no markers, that becomes the default new edge.

Another route is to right click on an edge that has the styling you want and select "Use as default edge", all new edges have the styling of that one.


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Holy smokes, thanks. I swear some of that is new because I don't remember seeing the "Use as default edge" before, but its there now!

I would look forward to the networking page. I once thought you got rid of the networking, but then I found it in clipart...

(15 Jun '12, 15:53) astanton
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