i have following problem with JGraphX- for Java: although i set "setMaximumGraphBounds" and "setMinimumGraphSize" im still able to drag a cell to the left beyond the visible space so my graph gets automatically bigger and the horizontal scrollbar gets smaller so that i can scroll to the new "offscreen"-space. when i drag the cell back my graph gets automatically smaller to the size i have set with "setMaximumGraphBounds".

how can i forbid this behavior? which methode i can use to switch off the cell-drag-beyound-graphbounds functionallity. i tried allready "setAllowNegativeCoordinates(false)" which works great but only to the left direction.

asked 05 Jul '11, 03:41

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The question has been closed for the following reason "http://forum.jgraph.com/questions/3338/how-to-stop-the-graph-from-auto-expanding" by David 14 Feb '12, 21:55

graph.maximumGraphBounds = new mxRectangle(0, 0, requiredWidth, requiredHeight);


answered 14 Feb '12, 20:01

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