I need to get the new position of a vertex after moving (by dragging) and I wrote the code as below :

graphComponent.getGraphControl().addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {\n        @Override\n        public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {\n            //do something (it works and I can get the identifier of vertex.)\n        }\n        @Override\n        public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) {\n            //get the new position after moving\n            //but mouseReleased() is not being called\n        }\n}\n

How can I solve this problem? Or Is there another way to achieve this? I really need helps, thank you.


P.S mouseReleased only worked when I clicked on a vertex.

asked 19 Jan '12, 04:16

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Are you using DnD for the move operation? I think during DnD, only the initial mousePressed is fired. Try using the MOVE_CELLS event instead, eg.

graph.addListener(mxEvent.MOVE_CELLS, new mxIEventListener()\n{\n  public void invoke(Object sender, mxEventObject evt)\n  {\n    Object[] cells = (Object[]) evt.getProperty("cells");\n    Double dx = (Double) evt.getProperty("dx");\n    Double dy = (Double) evt.getProperty("dy");\n\n    System.out.println("Cells moved: "+cells.length+" "+dx+" "+dy);\n  }\n});\n

answered 19 Jan '12, 20:54

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Thank you Gaudenz!!!! I applied it to my code and it works!! \nYour answer helps me a lot :)

(29 Jan '12, 07:03) chevalierz
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