What are the rules to follow when posting questions about mxGraph?

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Before posting:

  • The evaluation version of mxGraph comes with a readme.html file. Within this are links to the API specification, known issues and the developer user manual.

  • Search through the previous forum questions using the search box.

  • If the question is how to work within a particular JavaScript development framework, please ensure that you have understood that mxGraph requires next to no integration with any framework, see section 2 of the user manual.

  • If the question is a general JavaScript problem or how to develop web applications, please google it or read section 2 of the user manual for the overview of these domains.

  • If you want to know what the changes between two versions are look at the file named ChangeLog in your distribution.

  • If you need to debug your application, Google Chrome, Firebug (debugging plug-in for Firefox) and Internet Explorer 9 all provide debugging functionality similar to that you would find in a standard IDE. Double check if you have a run-time error in the debugging console before posting.

  • If you cannot work out how to evaluate mxGraph, read this post.

If these areas do not solve your problem please provide these pieces of information when posting:

  • If the problem is a run time error in your browser debugger provide the stack trace ( the list of methods calls up to that execution point ) as well as the exact text of the error. If you can provide additional information about the variables states at the time of the run time error, that is useful.

  • Always post which version of mxGraph you are using.

  • Please always use the code formatting tools ( the 'preformatted text' button about the edit box ) when displaying code and try to ensure the indenting looks correct on the preview.

  • Please don't write 'URGENT' or "HELP!!!", the forum bot will become upset.

  • Do not double post. It isn't fair on other users and just creates work for us deleting them.

  • When applicable, post a SSCCE

  • Do not write "bump" on threads, they will be deleted. If you have further information to post having analysed the problem further, that is allowed.

  • If you have a commercial support contract, you have a specific support route described in your purchase email. You are welcome to post on the forums if you prefer.


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