How do i add a vertex at the center of the diagram, taking into account the scrollbars, if they exist? And also taking into account the zoom?
\nI mean, no matter where the user has scrolled the graph, i need to be able to add a vertex the center of the viewable area, not the center of the whole graph.


How do I achive that please?

asked 24 Aug '11, 06:14

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Avi Shilon
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Try this:

var s = graph.view.scale;\nvar c = graph.container;\nvar w = 80;\nvar h = 40;\nvar x = (c.scrollLeft + c.clientWidth / 2) / s - w / 2;\nvar y = (c.scrollTop + c.clientHeight / 2) / s - h / 2;\n\nvar parent = graph.getDefaultParent();\ngraph.insertVertex(parent, null, 'Test', x, y, w, h);\n

answered 25 Aug '11, 06:53

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Helpful as always Gaudenz. Thanks a lot!

(25 Aug '11, 07:43) Avi Shilon

Can I tell if there is already a vertex at the exact location in the center,
\nso that i can add a little offset to the x, y coordiantes of the vertex to be
\nadded (so it doesn't hide the one with the same coordinates)?

(28 Aug '11, 03:49) Avi Shilon

Not without a loop where you check the bounds of each vertex against the x and y values (w, h) in the above code.

(28 Aug '11, 08:11) Gaudenz
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